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SABS 1 School Workshop Series Mar 19 to Mar 19 Adjusters; Legal Professionals

This 5 day program provides technical training on the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule, governing legislation, and precedent cases that guide claim procedures. Focus on developing a strong technical knowledge-base for AB file handling. Testing and evaluation performed via real-life case studies to promote practical applications back at your desk. Topics include: OAP, history of legislative changes, definitions, exceptions to coverage, the MIG, Med/Rehab benefits, ATC, other expenses, collateral benefits, HCAI and clinical billing, and claims processes. 

View the Table of Contents to the SABS 1 Manual here.

*This session of courses runs from March 19-23, 2018.

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AB Medical Management Skill Builder Series Workshop Series Apr 23 to Apr 23

This 2-day skill builder session is designed for entry to intermediate level claim adjusters. Participants will be introduced to the medical management model to facilitate gaining expertise to improve the overall quality of the decision process. The program will cover minor injuries within the MIG, rehabilitation principles, and attendant care.  Participants will be given real-life case studies with current LAT decisions, and added facilitation by healthcare professionals.


*This course runs on April 23-24, 2018.

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SABS 2 School Workshop Series May 28 to May 28 Adjusters; Legal Professionals

This 5 day program covers specified benefit claims, disability, and rehabilitation management. Focus on the investigation and management of complex claims with illustrations of leading cases that have shaped income replacement, non-earner, caregiver, attendant care, and catastrophic interpretations. Topics include: specified benefits, death and funeral, optional benefits, IRBs, NEBs, Caregiver, HK, and Catastrophic injury.

View the Table of Contents to the SABS 2 Manual here.

*This session of courses runs from May 28 - June 1, 2018.

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Bodily Injury Fundamentals- Summer Workshop Series Jun 11 to Jun 11 New & Current BI Adjusters; Current BI Adjusters; Legal Professionals

In this series of 5 workshops, participants are introduced to Bodily Injury claims through relevant section of the OAP, Insurance Act, Ontario Regulations, and leading case law. The workshops are taught according to adult learning principles to maximize retention and ensure on-the-job relevancy. Participants receive inHEALTH's comprehensive 2017 Bodily Injury Guide, participant worksheets, and a BI toolkit. 

View the Table of Contents to the Bodily Injury Guide here.

*This session of courses runs from June 11-15, 2018.

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