Specializing in accident benefits and bodily injury claims

With over 35 years of experience, we understand injury claims. Our experts provide professional and efficient solutions for short or long-term partnering.

We offer services across the entire AB or BI claim lifecycle from the initial call to complex dispute resolution. We use proprietary technology to further enhance our adjusting, and drive intelligent reporting and transparency.

inHEALTH's team of professionals is both experienced and highly knowledgeable in all areas that convene on an injury claim, insurance rules and regulations, case law and legislation, and medical and disability management. Whether we are helping you enhance customer service, providing expert risk analysis and approval recommendations, or pursuing settlement opportunities, inHEALTH's injury claim experts embody efficiency, strategy, and experience.

Services include:

Settlement and ADR services

  • Identify exposure, assess, and evaluate risk on AB/BI claims in dispute
  • Pursue and execute settlement opportunities
  • Prepare settlement summary reports, full and final release documents
  • Represent insurers at FSCO, private mediation, global AB/BI ADR

Risk-based analysis and approval management of AB claims

  • Innovative intake processing and procedure
    • Use our team to handle your claims intake
    • Partner with our consultants to facilitate intake with your team
  • Intelligent treatment plan review service (inFORM)
    Service options include:
    • Rules based validation of OCF forms, report, and letter
    • Rules based validation of OCF forms, report, letter, and clinic contact
    • Full service forms support:
      • Rules based validation / report
      • Impairment / recovery verification
      • Response management
      • Agreement negotiation with clinic

Specialized management of catastrophic and high-risk claims

  • Either in full or on a task basis

Task assignments for any claims

  • Our team can handle any aspect of your investigation, quantum assessment, or claim handling

Run-off caseloads